“Cloud That Passes, Cloud That Stays…” now available


New solo joint “Cloud That Passes, Cloud That Stays…” is now available on cassette and download via Magnetic South on their Bandcamp page. “Cloud…” is 34 minutes of solo acoustic percussion improvisations recorded at Magnetic South in February of 2016. Sleeves screen-printed by In Case Of Emergency Press.

The cassette is limited to 100 pro-duplicated copies. Snag your copy HERE

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“Softened Skull” review by Byron Coley in Wire Magazine

Hyped on this…might be my first time in print (?):


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“Softened Skull” now available for download…

“Softened Skull,” my debut solo release, is now available to download via my Bandcamp page. If you still haven’t picked up a copy of the cassette version (and would like one), I have a handful left and will be selling them at shows. If you can’t make it to a show, drop me a line (contact) and I’ll see what I can do for ya. Magnetic South is officially sold-out, but Auris Apothecary may have some stragglers left over at the Pharmacy

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“Softened Skull” now available…

My debut solo release, “Softened Skull,” is out now on Auris Apothecary and Magnetic South. It’s now available to stream in its entirety on my [Bandcamp] page as well. Copies are available in person, at shows, from [Auris Apothecary], [Magnetic South] and locally in Bloomington at Landlocked Music and TDs CDs & LPs. If you pre-ordered a copy it should be on your door step in no time if it hasn’t arrived already…all cassettes come with a digital download. When physical copies are gone, digital downloads will be available on my Bandcamp page.

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