Tyler Damon

Tashi Dorji (electric guitar) & Tyler Damon (drums/percussion) reside in separate locales but have come together from a place of mutual admiration. The pair has scarcely spoken of intention regarding their music yet conjure a sound which suggests the familiar and the non-idiomatic at once. Flashes of ecstatic intensity, blurred timbral lines, fractal repetition, noir-ish, cinematic mystery and inclinations toward free play hint that the two are pleased to follow a winding path to destinations yet unknown.

“Dorji and Damon aren’t merely exchanging ideas; they seem to be trying to realize one sound, with what frequently feels like one mind. As such, while these performances are undoubtedly chaotic, they never feel purposeless (…) Words like telepathy and empathy are often used to describe group improvisation but those words, revealing a gap between players, feel inadequate for describing the singular, egoless, sonorous mass created here. Unlike a lot of live improvisation, this record documents self-negation, not self indulgence.” – Isaac Olson on Leave No Trace, Dusted Magazine

“Although the duo are playing in real time, they manage to embed action within action […] The music is a bit like a set of Russian nesting dolls that aspires to challenge succession rather than confirm it.” – Bill Meyer on Both Will Escape & Live At The Spot+1, Wire Magazine #393

“Together, the combination of Dorji’s high-end metallic power-tool skree and Damon’s manic-but-earthy hippie clomping are a perfect pairing. Each has a musical spoon in the other guy’s soup to begin with, resulting in a collaboration that seems almost brotherly. […] I’d say expect great things, but they’re already happening.” – Tom Burris on Both Will Escape, The Free Jazz Collective