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Eli Winter trio tour 2022

Eli Winter is hitting the road in support of his new self-titled LP on Three Lobed Recordings with Sam Wagster (pedal steel) and I in tow. It’s a bit more brief than originally planned but we are looking forward to getting out there and sharing this music across a handful of Midwestern enclaves from October 12th-15th:

– Wednesday, October 12th – Lakewood, OH @ Blue Arrow Records (16001 Waterloo Rd.)

– Thursday, October 13th – Bloomington, IN @ Blockhouse Bar (205 S. College Ave.)

– Friday, October 14th – Lafayette, IN @ The Spot Tavern (409 S. 4th St.)

– Saturday, October 15th – Milwaukee, WI @ Acme Records (2341 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.)

See you out there…


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A Handful of Summer Appearances

Summer 2022 dates:

– Thursday, June 16th – Exit Plan (quartet w/ Mars Williams, Brian Sandstrom, Steve Marquette) @ Elastic Arts (3429 W. Diversey Ave.), Chicago, IL

– Saturday & Sunday, June 18th & 19th – duo w/ Dave Rempis @ Zula Presents Something Else! Festival, Hamilton, ON

– Saturday, June 25th – Velvet Bell Ensemble (w/ Michael Zerang, Janet Beveridge Bean) – Michael Zerang’s Water Music @ Lane Beach (5915 N. Sheridan Rd.), Chicago. IL

– Sunday, July 31st – quartet w/ Dave Rempis, Josh Berman & Henry Fraser (NYC) @ Hungry Brain (2319 W. Belmont Ave.), Chicago, IL

– Monday, August 8th – Whisker (Ben Billington & Andrew Scott Young) feat. Tyler Damon w/ Rempis/Hatcher/Kessler/Harris quartet @ Cafe Mustache (2313 N. Milwaukee Ave.), Chicago, IL

– Friday, August 19th – solo w/ Milford Graves: Full Mantis screening @ Kan-Kan Cinema (1258 Windsor St.), Indianapolis, IN

– Saturday, August 20th – Eli Winter (trio w/ Sam Wagster) @ Constellation (3111 N. Western Ave.), Chicago, IL

– Thursday, September 1st – quartet w/ Dave Rempis, Joshua Abrams & Jason Adasiewicz @ Elastic Arts (3429 W. Diversey Ave.), Chicago, IL

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Mako Sica Collaboration

I was recently featured on a new digital-only release from Mako Sica (Lakota for Bad Lands) alongside fellow travelers Thymme Jones & Jacob Fawcett (who also shared drumming and percussion duties on this one). This release benefits the Friends of The Lakota Nation. For the visually inclined, the original livestream from Constellation last year is offered below…

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All Your Ghosts In One Corner / Kuzu EU Tour / CDY – “-io”

Photograph by Dave Rempis.

Presenting the release of the latest Kuzu document on Aerophonic Records, All Your Ghosts In One Corner. I must acknowledge the contribution of my Grandma Boots – wit, wordsmith & master of turns-of-phrase – for providing the title of the record. Thanks Gramma. The official release date is October 5th, but all preorders via Aerophonic ship immediately:

Via Aerophonic Records / Dave Rempis:

“From March 8th-14th, 2020, Kuzu was on a seven-concert tour of the United States in the South and Midwest.  During that week it became apparent in this country that the world was on the brink of a crisis unknown to humanity for almost exactly a century.  In those seven days, the feeling on the street changed from one of anxiety to one of impending doom.  By the time the band arrived at Elastic Arts on Thursday, March 12th, their home base in Chicago, it was clear that these would be the last concerts any of them would perform for quite some time.  It would also be one of the last gatherings of the small, dedicated, cohesive, and highly interconnected communities built around the music in all of the cities where they performed.   So the final concerts documented on this album from Chicago and Milwaukee were wrapped in a depth of emotion that’s impossible to convey with words; a moment of friends bidding farewell for who-knows-how-long.  A few days later, the entire country was in full lockdown.  There isn’t a better group to provide that soundtrack.

Kuzu is a band already known for the raw emotion baked into their musical language. All of their previous records – Hiljaisuus (2018), Lift To Drag (2019) Purple Dark Opal (2020), and The Glass Delusion (2021) have ratcheted that approach up further and further as these three stellar musicians have continued to refine their trio dynamic through regular work. But their ability to construct musical tension in an almost agonizing way reaches a new peak on All Your Ghosts In One Corner. Drawing on these musicians’ love for a range of weighty musical expression from doom metal to the deeply-rooted spirituality of saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, this record perfectly captures the depth of the abyss into which we faced.  And yet this record isn’t about fear.  Redemption is found in the life-affirming energy of these performances, which reflect a will to survive in the band’s committed focus and tenacity. These are spontaneous rituals performed to brace an entire community for the upcoming storm.”

At long last we are hoping to return to the EU for a three-week jaunt after having the entire tour pushed back a year due to the pandemic. If all goes off without a hitch you can plan to find us zigging and zagging across Europe in November:

– Friday, November 5th – Kuzu @ Centro D’Arte (Via Luigi Luzzatti, 16b), Padova, IT
– Saturday, November 6th – Kuzu @ Sound In Motion, Antwerp, BE
– Sunday, November 7th – Kuzu @ Kaap (Zeedijk, Koning Boudewijnpromenade 10), Ostende, BE
– Monday, November 8th – Kuzu @ Punctum (Krásova 803/27), Prague, CZ
– Tuesday, November 9th – Kuzu @ Martinschlossl (Martinstrasse 18), Vienna, AU
– Thursday, November 11th– Kuzu @ Stockwerk (Jakominiplatz 18), Graz, AZ
– Friday, November 12th – Kuzu @ Villach Kulturforum, Villach, AZ
– Saturday, November 13th – Kuzu @ Alte Gerberei (Lederergasse 5), St. Johann, AU
– Monday, November 15th – Kuzu @ Dialograum Kreuzung an Sankt Helena (Bornheimer Str. 130), Bonn, DE
– Tuesday, November 16th – Kuzu @ Live Im Speicher, Leer, DE
– Wednesday, November 17th – Kuzu @ OCCII (Amstelveenseweg 134), Amsterdam, NL
– Thursday, November 18th – Kuzu @ POM (Ruysdaelbaan 106), Eindhoven, NL
– Friday, November 19th – Kuzu @ Club Manufaktur (Hammerschlag 8), Schorndorf, DE
– Saturday, November 20th – Kuzu @ Club W71 (Zwischen den Sportplätzen), Weikersheim, DE
– Sunday, November 21st – Kuzu @ Offene Ohren, Munich, DE
– Monday, November 22nd – Kuzu @ KM28 (Karl Marx Strasse 28), Berlin, DE

Lastly, the new Circuit Des Yeux album -io is now available from Matador Records. Recorded mid-pandemic in November 2020, the LP marks a new direction in the CDY catalog. Check it out HERE.

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