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Back from tour / affirmation / years end…

wxU4PEKfohiH03YlwQ7KsU13qa5YRCNhp91cGOR9AVADamon/Gray/ Lorenz trio @ The Comet, Cincinnati, OH. Photo by Pete Fosco.

I’m a little late posting this but I wanted to share a little tour wrap-up in the wake of the TD/DG – “For Four” mini tour. In order of appearance, a HUGE thank you to:

Rachel Maudlin, Joe Estivill and the Player’s Pub, Rick Brown and Che Chen (75 Dollar Bill), Jim Manion and WFHB, Eric Weddle, Jon Lorenz, Zohair Hussain, Pete Fosco, Tina and Jack Damon, James, Leah and Virgil Toth, Robert Beatty, Ross Compton, Carey Balch, Will Fist, Valerie Kuehne, Give Thanks, Nate Fleckenstein, Chris Davis and Portland Brew South, William Tyler, Tim Barnes and Dreamland, Keenan Lawler, John Dawson, and anyone/everyone who came out to a show, share a bill, played a trio with us, provided a comfortable night’s rest, bought something from our table, gave us records or shared a kind word. More than all others, though, I must give thanks to my duo partner and great friend Darin Gray for his incredible support and focus, his ceaselessly inventive and exciting playing and, especially, for his devotion to helping those around him feel like the golden human beings that he insists we are. I had a beautiful, rewarding tour experience – THANK YOU…

Additionally, I played a duo show w/ John Dawson as Open Sex the day after tour w/ Darin ended so I got bonus hangs w/ Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, Sedcairn Archives and the beautiful people of Indianapolis’ State Street Pub. John and I will be back there on December 19th playing with Lech – come on out (additionally, another Lech show is happening in Bloomington w/ St. Louie’s Lumpy & The Dumpers on Thursday the 17th…)

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