Tyler Damon

“Softened Skull” review on Free Jazz Blog

Tireless out music supporter and aficionado Tom Burris has penned a very flattering review of my solo recording debut, “Softened Skull,” over at Free Jazz Blog:

“This disc seems to be a condensed demo to show the range of Damon’s talents, rather than a full-blown “statement” & that’s just fine with me.  The pieces are short, yeah – but I wouldn’t say they’re under-developed.  There’s a shit-or-get-off-the-pot aesthetic that displays a mass of  ideas quickly.  And now that this recording exists, I expect we’ll be going on many more trips with Mr. Damon that will build upon this sturdy framework.  A highly respectable debut from a phenomenal talent.”

Check out the full review here: [LINK]

“Softened Skull” is out-of-print on cassette but is still available on CDr via YOKE and digitally on my Bandcamp page…

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